Stewart Inselligence December 2014 “Pushing Through”
by Darryl Turner

Darryl Turner Vimeo

Pushing Through

Life and business seem to always have some types of obstacles. The greatest myth of all is to think that we could find a spot where these obstacles simply don’t exist.

The greatest achievers of the world are not always necessarily the smartest but definitely the most diligent. These are the people that understand the power of never giving up.

Sometimes when we face problems we find ourselves having to navigate around, under or through them, but the most important thing to realize is that if we don’t do one of those the only other option is to simply stand there and look at them. The problem here is that anything we stare at long enough will always appear to grow larger.

The very thought of getting over a problem means that prior to that we were actually under that problem and that problem had dominion over us. So getting over something or being told to get over something is actually a very good strategy. The issue is that sometimes the problem is too large to climb over and we’re faced with the challenge of simply pushing through it.

So each time you face an obstacle is when you should realize that the obstacle is the dividing line between success and failure, and also the dividing line between those who will push through and those who will not.

Anyone can quit and anyone can give up, but not just anyone is willing to stay with something long enough to see it come to the point of fruition. This definitely requires pushing through the obstacles that stand in our way.

Make this the best month ever, and make next year the best year ever by no longer allowing the obstacles to grow larger, but by pushing through them and forcing them to become smaller.

You can do this.