Stewart Inselligence September 2014 “I’m Not Perfect and Neither Are You”
by Darryl Turner

I’m not perfect and neither are you!

With everything that gets thrown on us in business and our personal lives, the quest for perfection seems to occupy our mind way too often.

No matter how hard we try, we will never be perfect however we can always perform at a higher level.

What we always need to remember is the difference between perfection and excellence. The difference is simple; one of them is possible.

So as setting expectations go, be careful how you set them. As much as you would like you and your staff to be perfect the answer is to strive for excellence. The difference again, is that only one is possible.

When we strive for perfection the only outcome is constant and uninterrupted disappointment. When we strive for excellence we can always decide to do things without compromise.

A lot has changed in our business over the last 10 years, that’s why excellence is our goal and perfection is something we shouldn’t think so much about.

This week if you think about all of your goals and all of your objectives, be very careful to be fair with yourself and your staff and continue to strive for excellence or to operate without compromise and do not focus on being perfect.

You can do this.