Stewart Inselligence November 2014 “Trust”
by Darryl Turner


As we go through life we are constantly faced with the opportunities to make decisions. It’s in those moments of decision that we have to look at the scenario and ask ourselves can I do this alone? Is this even something I should be doing alone?

In other words if the goals that we have can be accomplished just by us, those goals are too small! It’s in those moments that we realize that we have to trust others to advance anything that we’re working on that has any relevance or significance in our life and the lives of others. At the very same time we have to make ourselves trustworthy. We do this by being willing to listen to others, hold confidences and help them in the areas that they need help.

Trust is a result of something. For some it’s a result of a gut instinct when they get around us, and for others it’s a result of experiences they’ve had that created levels of comfort which allowed them to develop trust.

Just keep one thing in mind. You will never rise to the top of anything without allowing others to help you along the way. This goes both ways as you are also called to help others.

So in order for you to be successful you must possess trust, and in order for you to help others you must possess the trait of trustworthiness.

This is the time to put ourselves in a position to help others and to put others in a position to help us. So as you move forward this week, this month and for the rest of this year I challenge you to put yourself in a spot to be trustworthy and make the decision to trust those around you.

You can do this.

-Darryl Turner