Stewart Inselligence October 2014 “Success”
by Darryl Turner

Inselligence – Stewart – October – SuccessDarryl TurnerVimeo


Most people in the world today define success based on what someone has or what they’ve accomplished. I’m here to tell you that I don’t believe success has anything to do with what anyone has and I don’t believe it has anything to do with what anyone has accomplished. I am a firm believer that success has everything to do with what we have overcome in life.

There are opportunities that come at us every day and there are obstacles that come at us every day as well. Success is determined by the obstacles that we can overcome, not just simply the opportunities that we can grab ahold of.

If you’re listening to this right now and watching this video it is because you have overcome market conditions. These are the same market conditions that other people were not able to overcome. This doesn’t necessarily make us special, it just means that the market isn’t what puts people out of business, and the market isn’t the determining factor of whether or not we are successful.

The people that were in this business in the mid to late two-thousands are some of the same people who are gone today stating the market put them out of business.

The truth is the market never put anyone out of business because you were in that same market and you are still in this business. So it’s not about market or economic conditions, it’s about the unwillingness to change fast enough.

One of the only ways to overcome anything is to change. When we change, we modify our future and we modify our destiny. Since success isn’t what we achieve it will be based on what we overcome, and success comes from a willingness to change.

As you look at your business and move forward, consider all the things that need to be different. Make a list of those things and begin checking them off one by one, not because you got tired of looking at the list but because you made what needed to be different, different.

The future is bright but we have to be willing to make changes. You’re watching this video today because you are ahead of those who decided not to change in the last decade.

You can do this by continuing to grow, by continuing to be successful and by continuing to overcome the obstacles that come your way.